This year at the state competition we are excited to announce two interactive workshops. There will also be a college tour of Dickinson from 10 - 11am, a signup sheet will be available in the lobby of the HUB.

Exploring micro:bit in a Team Environment

micro:bit is a small programmable computer with an emphasis on ease-of-use. While several avenues exist for application development, this presentation will use Microsoft's MakeCode‚Äďa Blocks and JavaScript code editor ( The first-part of the presentation will cover the specifications of the micro:bit (including built-in LCD display and Bluetooth) and using MakeCode. The second-part will engage teams in connecting the computer to various hardware to participate in team-games. Four-teams will demonstrate their knowledge and ability playing trivia and reaction-style games. Each game will highlight the micro:bit's capabilities and other enhanced possibilities when combined with another device.

--Bill Boga

Breakout EDU (3 Concurrent sessions)

Are you ready for a Breakout Challenge? Players work together to problem solve, troubleshoot, and solve the challenge to Break Out before time expires!

College Tour

Explore the historic and beautiful Dickinson Campus from 10-11 am.


Student Lounge from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm.