This year at the state competition we are excited to announce four interactive workshops. There will also be a college tour of Dickinson from 10 - 11am, a signup sheet will be available in the lobby of the HUB.

Lunar Dynamics -- Building a Backup Shuttle Climate-Control Unit

Participate in building and using a key component in Lunar Dynamics' upcoming missions. This component transmits shuttle climate conditions to Lunar Habitat Mk I. The shuttle's primary unit has malfunctioned and needs the backup working prior to docking.

--Bill Boga

24 Challenge

Put your math skills to the test! Students will participate in a mock 24 Challenge tournament.

--Joan Gillis


Let the Game Begin! In this session, students will engage in a fast paced engaging and exciting Kahoot. Players will answer questions about current pop culture, PA State and general knowledge trivia. Participants may bring their own WiFi enabled device: smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or Chromebook.

--Christine Leitgeb

Breakout EDU (3 Concurrent sessions)

Are you ready for a Breakout Challenge? Players work together to problem solve, troubleshoot, and solve the challenge to Break Out before time expires!

College Tour

Explore the historic and beautiful Dickinson Campus from 10-11 am.